incredulous cuts in KYOTO

| 6 月 7 日 2014 年 (Sun) 17:30 open 18:00 start

Chukyo-ku, Kyoto Sanjo Kiyamachi under Runyu Kyoto Building 3F
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The select an instrument from the CD was released from doubtmusic, and kill "dj sniff, a Doubt music vivid work dj sniff was dismantling mix cut-up copy and paste coupling effect re-build them. ".
In addition to the shocking performance of the collaboration with the real cut-up live + contact Gonzo of this work, Fanka Holic Orquesta GTSVL of Kyoto ambush vivid noise by Numata order to preside over the doubtmusic?

| Cast:
dj sniff / paddy Takuro
contact gonzo
Numata order

| Tickets: Adv: 2000 Door: 2500 (+1 drink)

| Reservation:
to [email protected], as "doubtmusic", please let us know your name, telephone number, reservation number the subject.

| Profile:


sniff / paddy Takuro

1978 year. Turntablist, DJ, curator. Active in the field of experimental music / improvisation / electronic music. The DJ activities started in 1995. And he moved after the release - "Deframed Memories +" mix CD in 2001. After the completion of a master's degree in ITP, and moved to Amsterdam, to serve for many years of electronic musical instrument STEIM, the artistic director. To serve the Urban Daigaku School of Creative Media visiting professor emigrated to Hong Kong now, but traffic in Tokyo is also frequently, and has released his own work than edgy label of every country. With those very different so-called mass image as "DJ", and slide into creative music with a combination of playing their own tools in addition to the turntable, Tesabaki full of sense of speed and its supple live, his play is created by it It will be convinced that it is not a ordinary person to experience the sound was.
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contact Gonzo

It is a better methodology that is passed through the event instantaneous various due to physical phenomena simple occur between people of "contact", tries to Himotoko "How in the world" for the own, and applying it population to be. In other words, it is a spark lo-fi.
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Numata order

Performer that sounds noisy uses electric guitar, transmitter, radio, and microphone. part-time president of doubtmusic also (professional). Units and "mn" (Fire escape, in capacitor Ntsu) and T. Mikawa, activities Dora video, and even Miho Wakabayashi "DDM.R18". Solo album will be released soon.
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The start-up in 2007. Activities while across all genres. Fanka Holic - Orquesta for dance music that is configured by the rhythm pattern that is repeated infinitely. The release from shrine.jp Album "P" in June 2013.
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