Spring Opening in 2011 the "HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO", hotel as a place to get ready to come out to the city of Kyoto, on the theme and place where friends who live in this town gather, a comfortable as if I went to play to a friend's house is.
This hotel, actually half has become home, in rental housing with very minimal space in the rough that has renovated the building dating back to '32.

All 50 rooms, and the type of about 15 square meters compact, recruitment dwelling unit is two types of good just about 30 square meters to SOHO use.

Rather than common areas such as restaurants and lounges, the hotel is a living place, and rent one room, you will sense that you are living in hotels. Plans events of music and art also continue to vigorously held in the galleries and restaurants of the hotel, living with a stimulus that is not able to taste with ordinary rental housing might lead to meeting new people. In addition, or painted the color of the wall, and drawing or, tenants can customize your own room or you has become a feature. Of course, such as restaurant discount hotels, resident benefits also comes with.

I'll excited somehow special space of the hotel, I will stage daily. Site is still under construction, but I will not accept a tour in the model room of ACTUS furniture shop has been styling. If you think, If you are looking for in the workplace within fellow, how about You are going to see once all means moving.

<Plan A>

Footprint: 14.85/16.20 meters
Rooms: 34 rooms 3-5 floor (furnished 9 rooms)
Price: 49,000 ~ ¥ 56,500 / 79,000 ~ 82,500 yen (furnished)
※ Management Fee, key money one month deposit one month

<Plan B>

Footprint: 29.70/31.05 meters
Rooms: (2 rooms with about 16 m2 terrace) 16 rooms 2, 4, 5, 6 floor (one room about 26 square meters with terrace) (7 rooms about 15 square meters with loft)
Price: 74,000 - 82,000 yen ※ Management Fee, key money one month deposit one month

<Service plan>

Internet Free / communal kitchen / laundry corner / cookware / toaster / recipe book / BBQ set / camping equipment / Iron / vacuum cleaner / Sporting Goods

[Hotel combined use]
(Limited in use) magazine subscription / printer / restaurant discount / DJ booth

※ service pay also are included in the list.
※ There is the thing that it is subject to change without notice. Please note.

※ Fill out, please contact us from the button above your name, contacts (telephone number).

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■ Address: 6th floor ■ dwelling unit occupied area / 14.85 reinforced concrete above ground: March planned structure and size ■ 2011: February ■ renovation 1988: No. 7 ■ completion 〒 601-8044 Kyoto-cho, Minami-ku Higashikujoaketa ㎡ ~ 31.05 meters
■ March 20 - / 2011 rental occupancy possible time (planned)
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