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The next entry I wrote a ". Nice to meet you. Hello" is, ended up being a surreal that anything ". Well see you. Goodbye". I am sorry. However, how far the speed at which the daily pass or will go to accelerate. Half a year ago that I started this blog seems to be yesterday. > I learn the "design" in the Faculty of Business Administration. > What is it, if ... [more]

Hi there Nice to meet you friend My name Yaegashi statement and (decorate Yaegashi ·). And I have missed the post to this blog completely. I am sorry. Belated congratulations site opened. And, thank you very much everyone. Well, now, I it in the faculty at Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Business Administration ... [more]

Map of various shops in Kyoto eateries Refsign staff select, Fukuya, design offices, and galleries

Refsign Kyoto shop map

  • → [EXHIBITION] Akagi AkiraNoboru lacquerware Exhibition 2012-04-06 up
  • → "I wear a nameless" lecture series vol.2 "Lesson of <Mingei>" 2012-04-06 up
  • → [MOVIE] hyslom "Documentation of Hysteresis" Theater 2012-04-06 up
  • → "Sylvain Chauveau Japan Tour 2012 in Kyoto" [LIVE] 2012-04-06 up
  • → Filament "Sachiko M & Otomo Yoshihide" Concert [LIVE] 2012-04-06 up

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